About Us

As a Level Academy, we started our activities in 2005 with EU project consultancy and foreign education consultancy, and we helped hundreds of young people to study in various countries. We decided to start foreign language program for primary school students in our province by observing that foreign language was completed before passing secondary school abroad.



By connecting to the Ministry of Education in 2010, we created Turkey's first English Study Center. We helped 7-14 years old students learn English by talking in this program. In our foreign language curriculum, we created programs that provide english language learning by speaking instead of classical teacher-board relationship By creating small classes with our expert team, we have created a more relevant program that allows the shortcomings of our students to be completed faster. With our tuition schedule, we were able to raise the grade of our junior high school students. In 2013, we have collected educational institutions in Turkey with a very special project ‘Kurs Adresim’ on the online platform.We were able to bring together students and institutions in all education branches with this project.

The Level Academy, which started to provide representation in 2014, continues to serve in 3 provinces.